woensdag 8 juni 2016

J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hi everyone

I think this was my fourth time reading J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
You can find my Harry Potter reviews here.
My stunning copy has 800 pages and I got it as a gift from my husband.

                * SPOILERS *

The book is 800 pages long and I truly wish there’s more of it.

Here are some observations.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the book were the characters grow into real teenagers. Including the hormones, the bickering and the cranky moodswings.
And Harry can be very mean to his friends! It hurt me to read about him being mean to them. He can be so moody! I can understand him and it’s realistic in the situation, but man he should really be more rational from time to time. It’s not really fun to read about the endless complaining, him being mean and hurtful to his friends and his attitude.
This book has a lot of depth and a wide range of emotions and characteristics.
I love the fact that Ron is a prefect. Finally something he can be really proud of.
I don’t like the Cho Chang storyline. I never did and I don’t think I ever will.
Had Harry thought it all through and used the mirror Sirius gave him, it would have gone very, very differently. But I do feel so very, very sorry for him.
The premise of keeping Harry in the dark is understandable but they should have seen sooner that he has to know something.
Ginny is awesome!
Fred and George are superb daredevils and I love them.
Neville shows real strength and courage,
McGonagall is amazing and strong and Flitwick made me smile.
The scenes where they defy Umbridge in their own small or big way are especially enjoyable.
Rowling mentions so many things and people that will be important later on. It’s amazing how far ahead she was thinking while writing the series.
But Rowling’s bad characters are very one sided. They have absolutely no background. Why is Umbridge such an ‘evil’ woman? I would love to understand her? We see a glimpse of Snape’s reasons for hating Harry and that’s great (though it does not excuse him in any way and I will never like him). But we can’t understand Umbridge or Draco.
The last chapters were so thrilling! It’s amazing how suspenseful it remains even after several rereads and many hours of watching the movie.
The ending is perfect. It could have been very different had they thought it through. Had Harry used his mirror. Had they understood that Kreacher can leave the house. Or many other possibilities. But they’re teenagers so they didn’t.
Sirius didn’t die a hero. He died making fun while fighting, he died taunting the wrong people, he died a stupid death. His ego got in the way.
I love the way Rowling wrote about Harry dealing with it.
My heart hurts for him. His grief feels very realistic and true.
And Neville! Oh I felt so, so sad for him in this book.

What this book teaches us most is the fact that people aren’t pure evil or a perfectly good person. Good people can come out of terrible households. Dumbledore makes mistakes. Sirius can be mean and scornful. Mrs. Weasley can be harsh too. Most of all; we learn that Harry’s parents and godfather weren’t infallible.


Happy, happy reading!

The PERFECT Couple.