zaterdag 29 oktober 2016

Terry Pratchett: The Shepherd's Crown

Hi everyone

With great sadness and hesitation I finally read Terry Pratchett’s 41st and last Discworld novel.
My copy has 332 pages and I got it in Amsterdam.
The Shepherd’s Crown was left unfinished and still needed revising and editing but it was published nonetheless and I am very happy with it.
The book received the 2016 Locus Award for Best Young Adult Book.
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It took me some time to write this.

                                                *    SPOILERS    *

I loved it.
The last book of Terry Pratchett, one of my favorite writers (if not THE favorite writer) and it made me so sad realizing that this is it. Never again will I read a Discworld book for the first time. Breaks my heart.
I started reading the Discworld novels as a teenager, and before that, my dad read them to my brother and I because we loved being read to but we were tired of children’s books.

The first third of the book is devastating.
I cried within a few pages and I just couldn’t stop. It’s obvious Terry Pratchett knew this would be his last book and he wanted to make it an important and memorable one.

The book is written very well and Pratchett manages a great balance in emotions.
It doesn’t feel finished because it isn’t. 
The pacing isn’t right, some of the subplots felt underdeveloped, some conversations felt off or unreal, the finale is a bit rushed.

The Shepherd's Crown isn’t as refined or polished as we’re used to but I’m happy it’s here nonetheless. It’s the perfect ending to the Discworld series. It’s full of acceptance, death, life, growth, love, magic, friendship, empathy, change and perseverance. It is thought-provoking and very moving.
Tiffany has grown into her own and she is ready to be Tiffany Aching, a true witch in her own way.


Happy reading!