maandag 3 oktober 2016

My 2016 Reading Goals – Second Update

Hi everyone

It’s been nine months since I set myself four Reading Goals for 2016 and I wanted to update you on how I’m doing with them.
In short; I’m on track with all four goals.

Reread the Harry Potter series

I finished my reread of the Harry Potter series and I enjoyed it immensely.

Read a Wheel of Time novel every other month

Never missed a beat with this goal; I finished five books in The Wheel of Time series. One more to go this year.

Read a Dresden Files novel and a Discworld novel every month in between

I’m going to read the last ever Discworld novel this month. It makes me very, very sad to know that reading The Sheperd’s Crown will be my last time experiencing a Discworld novel for the first time. *sigh*
The Dresden Files is a great series and I’m enjoying the books a lot.

Read at least 75 books in 2016

So far, I have read 85 books and I decided to up my goal to 100 books.
Last year, I read 124 books and I might be able to read as much this time but we'll see.
I read a few very big books (Vanity Fair, The Wheel of Time, David Copperfield, The Stand …), my husband and I are spending a lot of time working in and around our own house and as of last week, I started working out again (twice a week!).
But we only watch television about once a week and I make an effort to read at least half an hour every day even when I'm very busy.

Life is good.

Happy reading!