dinsdag 1 juli 2014

Wrap Up: June 2014

Hi again

I read quite a lot last month, 9 books and totaling 2953 pages which does surprise me because I was very stressed this last month of my life as a student.
It’s the first time I stack them all together and it is a rather high pile. I feel proud seeing that; something only a reader will understand I guess. Or I’m crazy, that’s likely too.

The first four books aren’t reviewed on this blog because I only started it mid June. If you want me to, I could write a review on them.

-    Eduardo Mendoza: The City of Marvels
-    Sándor Márai: The Rebels
-    Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray
-    Julian Barnes: Levels of Life
-    Neil Gaiman: Neverwhere
-    Terry Pratchett: The Truth
-    Alan Bennett: The Uncommon Reader
-    Sarah Waters: The Little Stranger
-    Andrew Miller: Pure

Have you read any of these? If so, how did you like them?

Happy reading.