donderdag 24 juli 2014

Terry Pratchett: Thief of Time

Hi again

Thief of Time is Terry Pratchett’s 26th Discworld novel.
This is, sadly, the last novel with a cover by Josh Kirby.
My copy has 430 pages.

“Time is a resource.
Everyone knows it has to be managed.
And on Discworld that is the job of the Monks of History, who store it and pump it from the places where it's wasted (like underwater -- how much time does a codfish need?) to places like cities, where there's never enough time.
But the construction of the world's first truly accurate clock starts a race against, well, time, for Lu Tze and his apprentice Lobsang Ludd. Because it will stop time. And that will only be the start of everyone's problems.
Thief of Time comes complete with a full supporting cast of heroes and villains, yetis, martial artists and Ronnie, the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse (who left before they became famous).”

I don’t need to know more than this about a novel because it seems hilarious.
You really have to go into every Discworld novel not knowing more than the Blurb.
Sam Vimes, Susan Sto Helit and Death are three of my favorite characters in the Discworld (the witches Granny and Nanny are my absolute favorites) which means that every novel with them is a good one in my opinion.

The Death of Rats is in there. Need I say more? I don’t think so. My lips curl up every time TP writes about him, I can’t help it.
One of the (many, many) things I like about the Discworld stories is that every character is important, everyone has a role to play in this novel or even in future novels.
It’s to the point, not a lot happens that isn’t essential to the story. TP doesn’t waste words on unimportant events.
I did however feel like I had to accept a lot in this novel in order to be able to move on. The whole flux of time and thus the problem in this novel is rather hard to grasp.

Though Thief of Time isn’t one of the best in the Discworld series, it is an enjoyable novel. It's hilarious at moments and thought provoking at others.

I hope you’ll try Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels soon.

Happy reading!

Tea and TP after my first day at work!