zondag 31 juli 2016

William Shakespeare: Richard III


It’s been a few years since I read William Shakespeare. I’ve been collecting his works in these Wordsworth Classic editions and when I saw they had a few at the Boekenfestijn I just had to buy the ones I was missing.
My copy consists of 107 pages play and 60 pages of introduction, notes and glossary.

Because I’m not a scholar or even a language student I find it very hard to write a review about these classic works. Not just Shakespeare but Dickens, Austen and other classic writers too.
That’s why I won’t even attempt to review Richard III.
It would take me way too long to write something and I couldn’t possibly add to the massive amount of existing literary criticism about the subject.

So I will just say that I enjoyed the play and I loved the historical information in the introduction. It made me Google Richard III, his family and the Royal Dynasty at the time.
A book that accomplishes that is a good book.


Happy reading and I’ll see you tomorrow with my July Wrap Up.