vrijdag 8 juli 2016

Robert Jordan: The Path of Daggers


This is the eights book in The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.
It has 563 pages and that makes it the shortest book in the series.

*    SPOILERS    *

I’ve got just a few things to add to my previous reviews. By now you will all know that I love most characters, the battle scenes and the multiple POV’s. You’ll also know that I heartily dislike the all the bickering and that I truly hate Elayne and Faile.

The changing of the weather with The Bowl of the Winds was one of my favorite parts. All of them working together, despite their differences, towards one common goal. I loved it.

I never really liked the Dark One’s ability to bring someone back to life. If people die, they should stay dead. Villains get no real punishment and there should be consequences for their actions. It works in the series because it is explained and we understand why it’s possible but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The hunt for the Black Ajah is a very exciting, satisfying storyline and I really enjoyed those scenes.
Matt is absent and I missed him.

The Seanchan are pretty terrifying. Their channelers actually believe themselves to be dangerous monsters who should be kept on a leash. They are quite ridiculous as a people and they have utterly stupid notions, but they are very well written en truly believable.

That’s it.
The Path of Daggers is book 8 and it’s difficult to write a review about a book in such a big series without saying the same things over and over again.


Happy reading!