maandag 1 augustus 2016

Wrap Up: July 2016

Hi everyone

July was a rather slow reading month.
I had the last two weeks off but my husband and I spent it (aside from 4 days in Amsterdam with the whole family) working in and around the house.
My reading was slower too because I didn’t feel so well and when I’m blue, reading is one of the things that suffers, especially when I’m reading big, slow classics. My choices for July weren’t smart I’m afraid.
I have planned quite a few fun books for August so I hope I’ll read more this month.

In July, I read 2385 pages in 4 books, that’s 596 pages per book and 76 pages every day.

Here are the books I read in July with a link to the review.

How was your month? What did (or didn’t) you enjoy?

Happy reading!