maandag 4 juli 2016

My 2016 Reading Goals – First Update


Six months have passed since I first made my 2016 Reading Goals and I wanted to give you an update on how they’re going.
I made four goals and I’m making great progress with all of them.

Reread the Harry Potter series

I finished the fifth book in the Harry Potter series last month so (sadly) there are only two more to go. Doing great on this one.

Read a Wheel of Time novel every other month

On track with this one too. I’ve so far finished three Wheel of Time novels since the start of the year and I’ve got three more to go.

Read a Dresden Files novel and a Discworld novel every month in between

This goal is going great too. I’ve read three Dresden Files and three Discworld novels so far.

Read at least 75 books in 2016

I have read 58 books since the first of January. However, I will not yet raise my initial goal of 75 books for two reasons. First; there are still quite a few big books on My TBR. I will be reading David Copperfield this month and The Stand in August for example. Second; I’m not feeling very well and my reading is suffering. Obviously I don’t want to put more pressure myself.
And lastly, my husband and I want to do a lot of work in and around to house this summer and the following months (and years).

How is your reading going so far? Are you happy with the books you’ve been reading?

Happy reading!