vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Margaret Atwood: Lady Oracle


Lady Oracle is my second novel by Atwood; I read The Handmaiden’s Tale about three years ago.
I got it from bol.com and it has 375 pages.

“Joan Foster is the bored wife of a myopic ban-the-bomber.  She takes off overnight as Canada's new superpoet, pens lurid gothics on the sly, attracts a blackmailing reporter, skids cheerfully in and out of menacing plots, hair-raising traps, and passionate trysts, and lands dead and well in Terremoto, Italy.  In this remarkable, poetic, and magical novel, Margaret Atwood proves yet again why she is considered to be one of the most important and accomplished writers of our time.”

To me; this novel is about a woman who is whatever those around her want her to be. She is easily consumed by other people but she doesn’t find happiness in any of those relationships because she’s always pretending to be someone else. She has no idea who she is; Joan needs to figure out her own identity without others around her who she can conform to.
That’s what the maze refers to: the search for her identity.
Aside from that; Atwood shows us how our past can influence our present and our future. This really was nicely done. Everyone has some minor secrets we don’t want to talk about. Or a mistake we don’t want others to find out about.

Lady Oracle is a very intriguing novel. Easy read but still, it made me stop and think at certain points.
It is a bit boring though.

Not much to add to this because it wasn’t anything special. Not fantastic, nor awful. Just a relaxing, easy read.

Happy reading.