vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Hugh Howey: Dust


This review is about the third and final installments in the Silo Series.
I got my copy from bookdepository.com and it has 401 pages.

You can find all my reviews on Howey’s novels here.
There’s not much to add to my reviews of Wool and Shift.


This is basically a rambling of thoughts about the novel.

I loved this final installment in the series.
People learn that meaning well and doing well isn’t always the same thing. Bad people turn out to be good. Good characters can die too. One decision or an instant in time can change everything. People change opinion about you and your actions. Decisions have consequences.
I loved it how Howey lets us decide about the goodness of people. Nothing is simply black or white, there’s every possible shade of gray.
The plot twists are incredible. Everything could change at every moment; every character could die. Howey has no scruples.
The novel is fast, it never wavers, and it’s always interesting.
The writing style didn’t change; simple, straightforward and absorbing.
A real page turner.
And full of suspense until the end! I had no idea how it would end.
Howey is not afraid to get it all out. Characters die, we learn how evil humanity can be, and we see through people how everything depends on your point of view.

Happy reading.

What a GLORIOUS night!