zaterdag 31 januari 2015

W. Somerset Maugham: Don Fernando


Don Fernando is a non-fiction work and I regret buying and reading it as my introduction to Maugham.
I bought it second hand on a holiday and it has 178 pages.

“Considered by Graham Greene to be Maugham's best work, "Don Fernando" is a paean to a golden age of enormous creative energy. It discusses the writings of St Teresa and the paintings of El Greco, and comments with sagacity and wit on such illustrious figures as Cervantes, Velazquez and the creator of Don Juan. This vibrant assessment of a great people at their greatest hour is full of happy surprises, curious facts and stimulating opinions that reflect Maugham's lifelong enchantment with the landscape and people of Spain.”

Don Fernando covers a range of topics about Spain including El Greco, traveling, food, literature and Catholicism. All in one book.
It sounds boring and it is boring. It's interesting, but boring.

Happy reading.