dinsdag 16 augustus 2016

Jim Butcher: Proven Guilty


Proven Guilty is the 8th Dresden Files novel and it’s written by Jim Butcher.
I got my copy from Bol and it has 470 pages.
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                                *   SPOILERS   *

I really, really enjoyed this one.

Proven Guilty is much darker than the previous books in the series.
It has more depth, Harry seems more mature and the other characters are much more rounded too.
The themes are not as black-or-white as they used to be, it’s not as easy to pick a side now.
The plot is definitely much more complex; it has several threads at the same time, some from previous books that are still a part of Harry’s life now (and will be for some time to come I expect) and it isn’t as thin as it used to be. I can actually see him fail one of these jobs. With disastrous consequences obviously.
The White Council Traitor is an awesome addition and I’m really curious to find out who it is.
Charity seems like a real person this time whereas she used to be very one-dimensional. Their utter faith still tends to aggravate me because it’s so cartoonish. Molly needs a bit more work, but I actually like her too so I can’t wait to see the things she’ll do. I don’t expect her to be a purely ‘good’ wizard though. I think she’ll be a problem.
The fight scenes were great and I loved the movie references in this book.

Proven Guilty is definitely a setup for the following books in the series. Molly and The Black Council are introduced and I think there were some smaller things mentioned that will become important later on.
On a side note, I love Thomas and I hope we’ll learn more about the things he’s up to.


Happy reading!