vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

H. G. Wells: The Island of Doctor Moreau

Hi again

H. G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau is the second novel I finished while on holiday. Though I have to admit it is a really short one (only 143 pages).

"Adrift in a dinghy, Edward Prendick, the single survivor from the good ship Lady Vain, is rescued by a vessel carrying a profoundly unusual cargo - a menagerie of savage animals. Tended to recovery by their keeper Montgomery, who gives him dark medicine that tastes of blood, Prendick soon finds himself stranded upon an uncharted island in the Pacific with his rescuer and the beasts. Here, he meets Montgomery's master, the sinister Dr. Moreau - a brilliant scientist whose notorious experiments in vivisection have caused him to abandon the civilised world. It soon becomes clear he has been developing these experiments - with truly horrific results."

The Island of Doctor Moreau is a haunting, spooky and disturbing novel. Even though the book is so small, Wells is able to create a dark atmosphere in just a few pages. It's vividly and engagingly written with lots of detail.
The ending was really well thought-out. Prendick is trying to come to terms with the horror he’s survived but he has trouble distinguishing the human and the animal parts in people. Great ending!

4 stars

Happy reading.