dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Erika Mailman: The Witch’s Trinity


The Witch’s Trinity by Erika Mailman is the first novel I read on my holiday in Brighton. I got my copy at the Boekenfestijn more than a year ago. This novel has 310 pages.

“Germany, 1507. In a time when famine is rife and panic spreading, people resort to desperate measures in order to survive.
When a visiting friar suggests that witchcraft is to blame for their failing crops, Irmeltrud sees an opportunity to get rid of her burdensome mother-in-law, Güde. Frustrated with having to feed the old woman who brings nothing to the table, she is quick to point the dreaded finger of suspicion, Güde has three days to clear her name, or be led to the stake …”

Mailman's descriptions of the famine are haunting and intense. The Witch's Trinity is a dark, bleak and gripping story but the characters lack depth.
Güde doesn’t know whether all that’s happening is part of her ailing mind or if it’s really happening. And this bothered me at times. I could do without those dreams or hallucinations, it slowed the story down and it made me feel disconnected from her as a character.

Very interesting point of view, just not a great book.

2.5 stars

Happy reading.