dinsdag 17 mei 2016

Robert Jordan: A Crown of Swords


This is the seventh book in The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and it has 759 pages.
It’s my second time reading the book.
You can find all my reviews of the series here.


A Crown of Swords is a good addition to the series but it’s not special in some way so I can’t really add a lot to my previous reviews.

Here are some observations I made about the novel while reading.
I liked the start of the novel with the Battle at Dumais Wells from Sevanna’s point of view. It’s always very interesting to read the same scene from different POV’s. I like that a lot. It gives you so much insight into the characters and into their motivations.
Elaida is completely delusional and I have so much fun reading her point of view.
Loial is amazing; I love him. He’s smart, funny and very loyal and sweet.
The whole plot to have Egwene as a puppet Amyrlin Seat made me laugh so hard. That blew up in their faces. How they can still think she’ll do whatever they want her too goes beyond me. Egwene will be an amazing Amyrlin and I can’t wait for some of the things she will do. I’m especially looking forward to her plot for the Black Ajah.
Siuan is one of my favorites too; especially when together with Gareth Bryne. They will make such an amazing couple. Both grew a lot in this book.
I still hate Faile. She’s jealous, she manipulates Perrin, she changes her mind faster than a clock can tick and she only cares for herself and her own opinion. Why does he even care for her? What does he see in her?
Jordan’s writing is so vivid that while reading from Moghedien’s point of view I almost felt sorry for her.
Rand’s character development is fairly well-done. But I’m fed up with the whole Rand-and-three-girls-thing. And he makes some stupid decisions from time to time like leaving The Aes Sedai to make the treaty with the Sea Folk when everything was going so well.
The Gholam is a really nice addition. They are different enough from the other Shadowspawn creatures to be terrifying in their own way.
The scene where Mat and Brigitte get drunk together is hilarious, especially with Elayne suffering the consequences.
I absolutely love The Kin. The idea of the women who escaped The White Tower and the wilders forming their own organization is pretty smart. I love them. They are different
I hate, hate, hate the recurring theme of man versus women gossip, the constant nagging and bitching, the misunderstandings and the complaining. I’ve had it with the whole thing.
The battle where Rand destroys Shadar Logoth is one of my favorite parts. Jordan’s fight and battle scenes in general are great.
My absolute favorite part is Nynaeve’s and Lan’s reunion. I love that. Nynaeve has to try to keep her tongue after her marriage and listen to Lan and that leads to some very funny situations and conversations.


Happy reading.