woensdag 4 mei 2016

Isaac Asimov: Foundation’s Edge

Hi everyone

I finished the penultimate book in the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov.
This one has 452 pages and I got it from Bol.
Foundation’s Edge won the Hugo Award and the Locus Award and it was nominated for the Nebula Award.

This book was very different from the ones before.
Foundation’s Edge relies more on dialogue, discussions and endless explanations than the other books. There’s still a lot happening and it’s even quite suspenseful at times but the explanations really bored me. It seems like Asimov wanted to clarify everything that has happened since the very first step of humankind up till now. And some of his characters go on and on till you feel your mind wandering off while reading. The technical descriptions in particular were boring.

The plot wasn’t surprising in my opinion but it was good. Having a third group was a bit much though. I liked it in the end, but when I found out I felt a bit annoyed at how easy and predictable it would become.
It’s written so effortlessly and smoothly that it reads as fast as a train.
The world building is better too and the telepathic society and Gaia especially were great.
The characters were much the same; not really fleshed out but enjoyable nonetheless.

Nothing special but quite enjoyable.


Happy reading!