vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Edgar Allan Poe: The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Tales


I finished this collection of stories by Edgar Allan Poe.
This beautiful edition has 320 pages and I got it at the Fnac.

Reading a bit of Poe’s work has been on my To Do list for a very, very long time.
Now That I finally did read some short stories, I can tell you my thoughts on experiencing Poe for the first time.

Poe’s stories should be read slow and thoughtful. They are straightforward and easy to read, that’s not why. It’s because Poe writes about the horrors in the stories with too much ease. Sometimes it’s barely there! And if you read too fast you just missed why the character is running/afraid/crying out/… It all happens so, normal almost. In just a few sentences it has happened. And then the story has ended. And you didn’t even realize what went wrong.

Most of the stories in this collection were rather slow in my opinion; the interesting turn of events only happening in the last few pages after a quite boring journey or description of the character’s life.

Most of his stories are written through the character’s eyes. This makes it difficult to read the stories one after the other. I started to get confused. Which is why I decided to only read a few each time or to do something else in between.

All in all I’m glad I finally did read a small part of Poe’s work. Though I’m not inclined to read more. 

Enjoy your weekend!