donderdag 18 juni 2015

Brent Weeks: Shadow’s Edge


Shadow’s Edge is the second part in The Night Angel Trilogy.
It has 636 pages and a very ugly cover.
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There are only a few things to add to my review of the first part

My main complaint is my dislike of Elene. She’s just way too perfect, too good and too virginal. After all she’s been through I find it very hard to believe how Good she still is. She’s boring, very unrealistic and way too much of a caricature of a Good Wife.
I grew annoyed at Elene trying to change Kylar. He’s the one to save the city, yet she takes him away from it. She’s such an idiot.
Their moving away and their relationship are really dragging the book to a slow pace. It only picks up after Kylar’s visit from someone.
And aside from Elene; every woman in this series is either a whore or a virgin.

I really like Vi though. She’s strong, independent and a daredevil. She’s much better suited to Kylar than Elene ever will be. But Weeks just uses her and the parts where it’s apparent she’s in love with Kylar are almost nauseatingly sticky with her love.

It is a quick and enjoyable read. The novel has some nice surprises, cool fight scenes and fun characters. Just don’t think too much about it.
The (side) characters are better thought out in this one, which I really did appreciate.
It is much darker and crueler then the first novel, and at times you need a strong stomach to keep on reading.
And (one of my bookish pet peeves) Weeks doesn’t just sum up what happened in the previous novel, it is worked into the story.

Happy reading!