woensdag 8 april 2015

Griet Op de Beeck: Vele Hemels Boven De Zevende

Hi again

This review is about a Flemish novel; Vele Hemels Boven De Zevende. Unfortunately it hasn’t been translated in any language so far.
It has 271 pages and I got it at the Boekenbeurs Antwerpen.

Five characters’ lives are interwoven and we find out how. It’s a story of love and family

This novel is a real hype in Belgium (or at least in Flanders). 
And it’s proven again that hypes aren’t necessarily my cup of tea.

I found this novel too easy. The prose feels like it’s written for a 16-year old.
The story itself is slow too. But that’s generally okay because I don’t mind it if a novel’s strength comes from the characters and the atmosphere. But it lacks a bit in that department too.
It’s not realistic, which it is supposed to be. It’s dramatic and no-one talks like that in real life even though that’s what Op de Beeck wanted it to be like.
And the feelings, man the feelings, I don’t know where to begin about that.
It’s just all kind of meh. It reads more like a soap. Especially with the unnecessary Lou as a POV.

What are you reading?