donderdag 23 april 2015

Brandon Sanderson: The Hero of Ages


The Hero of Ages is the third and last part in the Mistborn series.
I got it in the Fnac and it has 748 pages.
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Again, there’s not much to add to my review of the first novel; so here are some additional or changed opinions.

The Hero of Ages is the mind blowing ending to the stunning Mistborn Series. And I truly mean those words. It’s better than the second part and equally good as the first novel.

There are clues hidden throughout the book that I thought I had solved, but half the time I was wrong. The times I was right I felt like a hero myself, but there was still so much to understand and to learn and to uncover that I was never, ever bored. I mean some of the events and uncovered knowledge left me flabbergasted.
It is an amazing novel, intense, truly compelling and satisfying to the very so bittersweet ending.

I loved reading about the kandra because they are unlike any species I have ever read about. And the revelations about the koloss are just morbid. The world building is stunning, unlike anything I’ve read before.

I did find some faults too I’m afraid.
It is a bit hard to believe that Tindwyl left such an impression on Elend because he changed into a completely different person. He’s about the greatest leader there ever was when once he was just a scholar.
As an atheist myself; I had a rather hard time to get through Sazed’s doubts and search for answers about death and grief in religion. As if it is impossible to handle loss and grief without the belief in something higher.
Also, Spook really should be dead after everything he went through.
The politics are still a bit tiring.

Sanderson did a truly amazing job with this novel. Except for some minor points I loved it from beginning to end.
The Mistborn series is definitely, highly recommended.

Happy reading!

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