zaterdag 3 december 2016

Toby Frost: God Emperor of Didcot

Hi everyone

This is my review for the second book in the Chronicles of Isambard Smith by Toby Frost.
The copy I read is my father’s and it has 323 pages.
You can find all my reviews on this series here.

“Tea . . . a beverage brewed from the fermented dried leaves of the shrub Camelli sinensis and imbibed by all the great civilizations in the galaxy's history; a source of refreshment, stimulation, and, above all else, of moral fiber—without which the British Space Empire must surely crumble to leave Earth at the mercy of its enemies. Sixty percent of the Empire's tea is grown on one world—Urn, principal planet of the Didcot system. If Earth is to keep fighting, the tea must flow! When a crazed cult leader overthrows the government of Urn, Isambard Smith and his vaguely competent crew find themselves saddled with new allies—a legion of tea-obsessed nomads, an overly-civilized alien horde. and a commando unit so elite that it has only five members. Only together can they defeat the self-proclaimed God Emperor of Didcot and confront the true power behind the coup—the sinister legions of the Ghast Empire and Smith's old enemy, Commander 462.”

Like my previous review, I can’t really write a big review about this book because it’s just such a ridiculous story with goofy characters and absurd events.
The book is funny, over-the-top, cheeky, light, entertaining, predictable, silly and dry.

ONLY recommended if you like classic British humor.


Happy reading!