zondag 3 april 2016

Jim Butcher: Blood Rites


                                *   SPOILERS   *

I enjoyed this book so much! 
I’ll be short because there’s not much to add to my other reviews only that this one is the best so far in my opinion.

Butcher always manages several plot lines at the same time while giving Harry not a single moment to rest and reflect. His plot is super fast without any apparent slips and it’s amazing how it all comes together in the end. And even more amazing is how every new book builds upon the previous ones.

The writing is sharp, strong and very, very vivid.
His world is terrific,  rich and intriguing, the magic system is really well constructed.
The characters are great and we get to know them a lot better in this one.
I found this book even funnier than the other ones.

But I still hate Harry’s dual attitude towards women. Admiring their asses and bosoms and being overly chivalrous at the same time?
If the bitch is evil, just kill her already.


Happy reading!