dinsdag 14 juli 2015

Robert Jordan: The Eye of the World


I am rereading The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Because it’s a reread I started with The Prologue which you shouldn’t do if it is your first time reading the series.
So here’s my review of the 756 page first novel in The Wheel of Time.

“Life in Emond's Field has been pretty boring for Rand Al'Thor and his friends until a strange young woman arrives in their village. Moraine is an Aes Sedai, a magician with the ability to wield the One Power, and she brings warnings of a terrible evil awakening in the world. That very night, the village is attacked by bloodthirsty Trollocs - a fearsome tribe of beast-men thought to be no more than myth. As Emond's Field burns, Moraine and her warrior-guardian help Rand and his companions to escape. But it is only the beginning of their troubles.”

                * SPOILERS!*

World building and characterization is an ongoing process in this and every following novel. I like it that way. It’s boring to read 50 or so pages only about the world. I want to discover it with the characters. And Jordan writes it that way.

Tam not dying was a lovely and unexpected touch. I love Tam and it would have been easier for Jordan to let him die. That way, Rand could go away without any real trouble because there would be nothing to keep him home.
Matt is the one character I don’t feel a connection with. There are darkfriends I like better. He’s stupid, a complete idiot and rather detached from reality or maybe just not interested.
I like Moiraine, Lan, Tam and Egwene a lot.

There are some highly emotional parts in here as well. Rhand dragging his father to supposed safety, Lioal singing or Nynaeve and Lan. Those are very beautiful moments without being dramatic or overly emotional.

The ending didn’t deliver though. It’s a mash-up of several good ideas stuffed into a few short chapters. As if he had way too many ideas on how to finish this novel and he ended up using all of them. And what’s up with the rope coming out of Aginor? Weird!
Where does this even come from? The Eye of the World is not mentioned before the very end. It’s a very weak ending.
And I still don’t get it, even after this reread.

It is a bit too long and even boring at times. Luckily that doesn’t happen often and those moments are always between exciting parts. All in all, it is a quick and exciting read.

Reading this the second time around I am less surprised by events or people. But still; I forgot a lot.
And it’s amazing to read about concepts for later novels that are mentioned in this novel. Jordan must have spent an enormous amount of time thinking about the series before actually writing it because the foreshadowing is amazing.

Happy reading!

Being lazy.