donderdag 12 maart 2015

Sir Terry Pratchett


Sir Terry Pratchett passed away.

It was my father who got me hooked on this series.
He loves it so much he has every Discworld novel in English and in Dutch; even going so far as to reading them at the same time sometimes.
He used to read to my brother and me before we went to bed. As we grew older we still loved these moments so my father kept on reading to us, but he chose YA or adult novels like Harry Potter and the Discworld Series.
Those moments were my introduction to Terry Pratchett.

Older, I read them myself. By the time I was thinking about my own place with my boyfriend, I realized I would have to let those novels behind. And that’s when I started collecting them myself.

Terry Pratchett marked the start of my interest in Fantasy.

Thank you sir, for all you’ve given us.
Thank you for those wonderful and hilarious novels with a ring of truth in them.
Thank you for all the hours well spent reading them, away from everything else.

My dad and me on my wedding day, getting our priorities straight.