zondag 7 september 2014

Brandon Sanderson: The Final Empire


This review is about The Final Empire; the first installment in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Series. I got my book from www.bol.com some time ago. It counts 647 pages and it has a very beautiful cover.

"A thousand years ago, the Lord Ruler established himself as the emperor of The Final Empire. No-one can remember the battle where the hero failed and the Lord Ruler became victorious. No books or tales survived those years. Humans are divided into two classes: the Nobles and the Skaa. The Skaa are the poor workers who have to slave away to clean the ever-falling ashes and to provide for the nobility. Kelsier, a Mistborn and the only survivor of the Pits of Hathsin and his crew of Mistings start a rebellion against the Lord Ruler. These Mistings and Mistborns are able to burn different kinds of metal in order to get certain powers. They recruit Vin, a sixteen-year old Skaa Mistborn for the crew and the plans take form."

I LOVED this novel!
This novel left me wanting more. I just couldn’t stop reading; I wanted more free time so I could read even more. It is a magnificent book.
It is something completely new, interesting and unique. The epic battle happened in the past and the Hero failed. There is also an entirely new system of magic. He explains the magic from a science-like point of view; making it a very believable sort of magic. I love it when a writer does something else, something new and Sanderson definitely succeeds!
Sanderson had an easy-going writing style that I’m sure will captivate every reader, experienced or not.
It is a very easy read. It’s simple and understandable. Even though I like a writer who loves his language, I wasn’t troubled by the almost simplistic style in this novel. His action-scenes stopped my heart and his explanations of the world or the magic are simple and they cover everything I need to know.
As the story progresses, we get answers together with the characters. It felt like Sanderson knew when we were wondering about something and he was able to anticipate our questions.
The world of The Final Empire is very well crafted. It is an incredibly thorough built world; accessible and surprising. Sanderson put a lot of thought into this novel. It’s not about a simple rebellion; it’s not about good versus evil where everything is static and black and white. It’s about so much more!
Every character is very well thought out. They’re interesting, different, they have depth and the characters evolve. The characters aren’t frozen or black-and-white. Emotions change, they have doubts, their motivations change, they question their emotions and they change opinions. They are fantastically developed throughout the novel. And I hadn’t any trouble keeping all the characters apart, a fault a lot of fantasy-writers make.
The novel is compelling and engaging. I was anticipating what would happen next throughout the entire novel and how their plans would work out.
You won’t see the ending coming, I can assure you.

But… Where are the other female characters? The only woman in this rebellion is Vin. Every other woman in this novel is a walking cliché. Big mistake Sanderson.

I loved this novel and I would definitely recommend this to everyone out there! I felt happy the whole time I was reading this and I will buy the next one very, very soon.

Happy reading.

Yummy peaches and a fantastic book!