donderdag 19 juni 2014

Terry Pratchett: The Truth


I could make this review very short by writing I LOVE Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series. But for the sake of this blog, I’ll try to elaborate.
Terry Pratchett's books are sold in almost every store. I got mine in the Fnac.
The cover, as always, is a beautiful and funny cartoon of the characters.
My copy has 444 pages.

“There's been a murder. Allegedly. William de Worde is the Discworld's first investigative journalist. He didn't mean to be - it was just an accident. But, as William fills his pages with reports of local club meetings and pictures of humorously shaped vegetables, dark forces high up in Ankh-Morpork's society are plotting to overthrow the city's ruler, Lord Vetinari.”

The Truth is the 25th Discworld novel, but it’s one you can start with if you haven’t read the previous 24. Some older characters make an appearance, but it’s mostly all new characters and they are great.

In The Truth, Pratchett mocks the media with so much humour I couldn’t help myself laughing out loud sometimes. The Truth is, as every Discworld novel, is brilliantly imaginative and very funny. I love most of his characters, everything is beautifully written, very entertaining and it never bores. It’s a mystery and comedy in one. Pratchett never makes light of serious matters and I find that truly admirable.
It's a fantastic novel.

Well, thank you daddy for introducing me to Discworld all those years ago.

Happy reading!