dinsdag 2 januari 2018

My Favorite Books of 2017

Hi everyone

Welcome back to Embracing My Books!

Like last year (My Favorite Books of 2016) and the year before that (My Favorite Books of 2015), I wanted to make a list of my favorite books; the books I loved the most in the past year.

Here are my 5-star rated books of 2017.

  • Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid’s Tale (reread)
  • Jim Butcher: Changes
  • Jim Butcher: Skin Game
  • John Gwynne: Ruin
  • John Gwynne: Wrath
  • Dan Simmons: Hyperion
  • John Steinbeck: East of Eden
  • Neal Stephenson: Seveneves
  • Bill Watterson: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

What were your favorite books?

Happy reading!