donderdag 16 juni 2016

Embracing My Books’ 2 Year Anniversary: My To Be Read Books

Hi everyone

It’s Embracing My Books’ second anniversary!
I honestly can’t believe it’s been so long. Two years is huge.
So many books read, so many friends made, so many words written and so much fun doing all of it.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Like last year, I wanted to post my TBR.
You can read last years’ TBR here with links to the reviews of the books I’ve read since.
Let me know in the comments whether there’s a book you would like me to prioritize.

So, here they are; my To Be Read books.
All 131 of them.
Last year, I wrote ‘you can never have too many books’ and I stand by that.

What’s your TBR like? Is it as big as mine? Do we have books in common? Any books on this list you liked?

Happy birthday to Embracing My Books!

Happy, happy reading.