woensdag 10 februari 2016

Bookhaul: My 27th Birthday

Hi everyone

I’m 27 now.
My birthday was actually the 24th of January but I we got my family over on Sunday for my birthday so I wanted to wait until after that to post a haul just in case I got some bookish stuff.
And I did!

I got two gift cards, money, three very cute bookmarks shaped as leaves, an Adipose and Cyberman Funko Pop and quite a few books.
My husband got me those absolutely gorgeous Harry Potter books and he promised me he’ll give all of them this year so I can read them all in those new editions. I love them. They are just so beautiful! He also got me those adorable Funko Pops and a few other things.

Here are the books I got:

Thank you everyone (and my husband especially) for all the gifts. I’m very happy with everything I got. And even though I was ill on my birthday and sleeping a lot, I had a lot of fun celebrating a week later.

Happy reading.