donderdag 6 november 2014

The 100-pages Rule


I wanted to write a quick post about my 100-pages Rule. This was mentioned last month when I wrote about two novels I didn’t finish.

When I was a teenager and I started reading adult novels; I wanted to find out what I liked and what not. Obviously, I came across a lot of books I didn’t enjoy in any way whatsoever.
My father told me to hang on and keep reading because he knew this certain book to be good.
And he was right about some of them.
Some books do get better further in. One or two chapters aren’t enough to judge the book by.
But sometimes they do not get better and it’s a frustrating task to finish them; spoiling the enjoyment of reading in the meantime.
That’s why I created this Rule to keep in mind.

I have to read at least 100 pages of a novel before I can decide to put it away. That way, the writer has time to interest me in his story. If he can’t captivate me in 100 pages, I’m pretty sure he won’t in the next 300/400/…
That way I won’t have to struggle to finish it and I can spend my time reading something I really like.
The Rule is a bit different for really small books. Books with less than 300 pages can only be put aside after I’ve read at least A Fourth of the Book.

I hope this cleared some things up!

Happy reading.