donderdag 25 september 2014

Why I read Dutch Books

Hi again

In one of my last posts, I wrote about my reasons for reading English books. In this post I will try to explain to you why I still read some books in Dutch.

There are two main reasons for reading in Dutch.

First and foremost; the writer is Flemish or Dutch. Reading in the original language is always the best way to enjoy a novel. Plus, it is kind of stupid to read translations of novels written in my own language.

Secondly; I own other books by this author and they are in Dutch. I hate it when novels of an author don’t look the same (different writing, different height or paperback/hardcover) so, I try to avoid this. This means that if I own a novel of a writer in Dutch and I want to read more of his work, I will buy it in Dutch. Maybe I got these books in Dutch as a gift, I bought them on sale or I got them when I was much younger and not as experienced in reading English as I am now.

These are the reasons that come to mind when I see for example my novels by Umberto Eco, John Irving and Robert Jordan in Dutch instead of English.

Happy reading.